Monday, February 12, 2007

Change the World

I look outside and I see
Misery & disparity all around
No food no shelter
Homeless people sleeping on the hard ground
Weeping children fatigued with hunger
We see them everyday but still stay in emotional slumber

Death & sickness has spread their cold wings
Poverty is abudant & has hit with its stings
Rich getting richer & poor getting poorer
The world is divided & becoming bipolar
One day will come when it will all collapse
And we all know who will be responsible for that lapse

So wake up today & make a small difference
Change this world to a temple from a place of irreverence
Oh God! Give me the courage to do this
To change this world to a place with only happiness & bliss
To a place with only happiness & bliss

- Rahul


At 9:33 PM, Anonymous saadia said...

great poem :)


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