Monday, October 30, 2006

Path to Solitutde

There is a great song in Bengali which says:

"Jodi Tor Daak Shune Keu Naa Aashe Toh Ekla Cholo Re"

Most of the time in life you have to face and solve problems alone. Today we emphasize on team work and coordination etc etc but at the atomic level you have to pull up your sleeves and get down to work. Well it's a good thing to do but not always.

At work we try to do our job what we have on the plate and we forget things most of time when we go out of the office. The theme of team work however cannot be drawn to life. In life you have to move alone most of the time. There are people who care for you and try to help you out but again it's you who can help yourself in the best way. You have to take the hard decisions and face the consequences as well.

Still given an opportunity we always try to find someone who can support us and provide us the inner strength. Well I don't say it's wrong yet I feel it makes you weak. But again you always need people who support you in difficult times.

This is a catch-22 situation. The best way to get out of it is remain detached so that you are emotionally not dependent on others.

This is something very difficult to achieve and invariably we get attached. Not a bad thing again. But as somebody said to me once "Everything comes for a price" and if you are ready to pay for it then go for it....

May be this song by Shaan can appeal to those who are really willing to do that:

Aankho mein sapne liye
Ghar se hum chal toh diye
Jaane yeh raahein ab le jayengi kahan
Mitti ki khushbu aaye
Palko mein aansu laaye
Palko pe reh jaayega yaado ka jahan
Manzil anjaani ha anjaana hai kaarwaan
Chalna akele hai yahan
Tanha dil tanha safar
Dhundhe tujhe phir kyu nazar



At 11:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Easy said than done...strange that you highlighted the line..."Chalna akele hai yahan" and missed the two lines after that...sometimes in life one has stories of past to narrate and no memories to relive...

At 10:31 AM, Blogger Rex said...

Yes you are right...yet the best thing to is to move ahead...not let your past shadow your future...however, the learning from the past has to be there or else you repeat them again...

There are people who have lived all alone but they are exception rather than may be you are correct...the last two lines are also important..

May be the theme will find a space in one of my post...

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