Sunday, August 02, 2009

Confusion is the pillar of .....

We must have read and heard so many times "Failures are the pillars of success"...I was just wondering, can we also say "Confusion is the pillar of Clear Thinking". Doesn't sound correct isn't it!

Tonight I feel very Confused, a kind of mixed feelings, may be I am alone and lonely and guess my mind is not working that well...or may be I am missing my beloved wife a may be it's a matter of heart...I am "Confused". My mind is racing in all directions, clueless on what it wants - personally, professionally, spiritually.

Life is all about options and choosing from those options. I am happy that I am confused today. You may think I have gone berserk. But I am happy because I am thinking. In the rush of life we stop reflecting on the events which moulds your personality. We become transactional. I am happy I am confused as I am thinking.

I am confused if I am doing enough for my loved ones. Sometimes we have arguments and we say things which we later regret saying. I want to be at my best - supporting, caring and loving, but am I doing enough, I am confused.

I am confused if I am doing enough for my spiritual and physical well being. I do go for jogging, do meditate sometimes, try eating healthy food. I pray to god for strength and well being. I want to feel the best - but am I doing enough, I am confused.

I am confused if I am doing enough to prepare for any eventuality. I do financial planning to support my family. I am a learner and keep reading to make myself ready for future career opportunities. But am I ready for the next big thing in my life. I am confused.

I think it's a good sign when you go through such state. It is not the first time when I am going through this. But each time I went through such state, my mind and heart was clear when it was over. So may be I can say "Confusion is the pillar of Clear Thinking", atleast for me.



At 5:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow! ur way of thinking..ur ideas about life are very similar to 19.. and confused..more confused than ever before esp now that people have started treating me like an I ready..but this confusion , instead of helping me reach a solution or killing me..making me restless


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