Saturday, November 25, 2006

Confusion prevails......Now time to get out of it

Life is so confusing sometimes. People take you wrong even when you are trying to say the right things. It happens right...with you with me with everybody. At that point of time we get so bogged down that the first priority becomes how to bring the situation under control. And when the situation is under control we forget about the problem. It is lost in obscurity.

Do we ever analyze why things go wrong. Why we were so confused about our speech or action at that point of time. Do we learn the lessons from them? Most of us will not do that. Some thoughtful minds will do take time out to analyze.

Well if you try to analyze you will find there are a few broad categories of reasons:

1. When arguments are such that conflicts with our convictions
2. When something hurts our ego and you don't accept facts as they are
3. When past experience prevents you to be what you are
4. When you think that you cannot be wrong and don't accept every coin has two sides
5. When you find somebody is better than you but cannot accept the fact
6. When you are emotionally too much disturbed to take things rationally

These are few there can be many more reasons. However I feel it's the combination of all this. Some of them affect us more due to various reasons. For some it's there ego which drives them for some it's there past experience and for some it's there convictions.

You are always right when you think your way but what you should understand that the other person has their own view point. They would be thinking the way you are thinking. They may give reasons to prove that their view point is also correct. Subjects can be debated and nothing can be absolutely right or absolutely wrong.

One should have the heart to accept others view points. This is applicable to all relationships - husband wife/friend friend/girlfriend boyfriend/brother sister/mother daughter to count a few.

So what is the solution for such arguments? I feel there is only one. First of all if one person is shouting you should not be doing the same. Relax and try to listen with an open mind with no biases and prejudice. Try to understand the point. Don't pass judgments rather provide proper comments substantiated by facts if possible. Give the other person time to calm down and think on it. Let her/him come back to you and then solve the problem in a matured and peaceful way.

Things won’t go wrong till we make it go wrong. I have had personal experience and may be my talks are influenced by it. However what I feel one should always speak out is their thoughts. Nothing is absolutely wrong or absolutely right. It's the way you look into it.

So trigger your thought process. Keep your thinking mind busy with thoughts and grow each day!!!!

One last thing before you close this window - I am not trying to be dogmatic..these are my personal thoughts.



At 12:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wondering how much the preacher himself judgements just order to be understood first order to be heard first listen...PAUSE...being a preacher myself now :)

At 12:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wondering how much the preacher himself judgements just order to be understood first order to be heard first listen...PAUSE...being a preacher myself now :)

At 10:05 AM, Blogger Rex said...

I am not a preacher..this is a blog where i talk to myself..if you can't take it..please don't read's not meant for all...

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